My Digital Garden

My Digital Garden is the place where I collect, curate, and cultivate ideas that live in my mind. Like a physical garden, it is constantly changing with new ideas being added, others elaborated on, and others being abandoned.

This Garden started being cultivated in October 2022, so have patience for all the content to grow.

🌱 The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse is where new ideas get planted and maybe grow into something bigger. You will find quickly jotted down ideas and fragments that are yet to be connected. Among other, my values and subjective answers to big philosophical questions (what is law? what is justice) start out here. For example, the attempt at defining what legitimises human judges over technology.

🌾 The Plots

The Plots is where topics of ongoing research and thinking grow, as well as projects. Here, you will find things that currently interest me, which I try to measure against my core concepts and assumptions to see if something bigger can grow out of this. Posted here are also writings I did for my studies.

🌳 The Arboretum

The Arboretum is where core concepts and overarching assumptions of the world live. Some of these might be helpful to understand where my reasoning is coming from. Remember, though, that the Digital Garden is not a perfect replica of my mind and some core concepts might not be written down. If you are looking for recipes, this is the place to go!

♻️ The Compost Heap

The Compost Heap is where ideas and projects go that didn’t grow into something bigger. Some might have spent a considerable amount of time in my head without ever being elaborated further. Others might end up here because there is nothing left to say and the ideas are not that important after all. Some recipes might land on the Compost Heap because my taste or cooking habit changed - the recipes are still good though!

✉️ Contact

If you want to contact me, you can message me on the Fediverse at or