About Licensing

My stuff is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license. What does this mean?

First of all, it means you can use everything I write even beyond what Copyright Law allows you to do, especially to copy, reproduce, share, and adapt, as long as you give proper attribution to me as the author, but:

You cannot use it to make money. This includes ad revenue. You may however use my work commercially, if you use correct citations or other exceptions provided within Copyright Law. The citation right is guaranteed by Copyright Law, I cannot and do not want to restrict it. Be aware, that citation right does not allow you to reproduce all or substantial parts of my work.

You also cannot impose restrictions on my work other than the attribution and non-commercial requirements. This means especially, that you may not require a DRM software to view my content when making it available. This also means, that you cannot provide my content publicly with technical measures to prevent copying or printing. The recipient that you provide my work to (downstream recipient) needs to be able to exercise all rights that I grant you, mainly to copy, reproduce, share, and adapt. You are not obligated to make my work publicly available, you are only obligated to ensure that every recipient you share the work with can fully exercise their rights, e.g. the recipient of your email.

A special mention: recipes do not fall under copyright law. The exact text, where sophisticated enough, might be protected, so are photos. It is, however, impossible to copyright an idea or the ratio of ingredients to each other. Even where my recipes might fall under copyright law, I hereby explicitly release them into the public domain (and where not possible, license them under CC0).