One Journal is Three Journals

If you are like me you probably know the pain of either having to carry more than one journal to keep topics separat, to decide which to carry, or to mix things up in one journal. For me personally, separation of work, private to do’s, and private “head emptying” is very relevant to keep on journaling. What I realised, though, is that each journal is acutally three journals! One journal is when you open it from the front, with the opening to the right. The other journal is when you either open it from the back or flip it around. You can either change up and down, this makes it easy to distinguish when the “new” journal starts in a fully filled journal, or you simply write from back to front. The third one is only true for most journals: it is in the middle, where the journal is tied together. The middle is easy to find and open due to the binding creating ever so tiny gaps between pages, even without book mark; of course you could also choose by page numbers, e.g. a “new” journal starts on page 100 and on page 200. But that would just confuse me with very thin or very thick journals. The middle, on the other hand, exists in journals regardless of total page number.