Pasta in Red Lentil Sauce

This is a one pot dish, unless you want to prepare peppers and other veggies seperatly.

Fry red pepper (and mushrooms) and onion in a little oil. They are not sticky so you can use an uncoated pasta pot. Put aside.

Add garlic, tomato paste pasta, red lentils, water/milk to pot and bring to boil. Have a good eye on it so the pasta doesn’t stick to the pot. If needed, add more liquid. Add any spices or herbs you are using.

When pasta is done, add veggies back in. Optional: add nutritional yeast and/or margarine/oil or cheeze.

Optional: oil a casserolle dish and add pasta mix. Add nutritional yeast and pepper, optional cheese, on top. Bake for 20 minutes at 350 F (15 if preheated).