About the feliverse

Why the name?

The name is a mixture of feli - my name - and universe. It is also a play of words with the fediverse, which is a decentralized social network, in which I also have my own instance (of course, named the feliverse).

This website is generated with flamingo. Because flamingo is great.

Who am I?

I am feli.

What do I do?

Besides being a trainee full-time, I maintain my own fediverse-instance and this website. I didn't study any technical subject, it's all selftaught or, well, asking friends how this one thing works. It all started with getting told, that Copyleft exists. It opened the world to FOSS for me and the once black-box of software (and hardware as well) slowly became accessible for me.

I also enjoy languages very much and speak quite a lot of them. Among the languages I like the most is "Leichte Sprache", a simplified version of German intended to be accessible to people who have difficulties with (language) learning. Using most of the norms of Leichte Sprache also makes webforms much easier to fill out for all people. And since I'm always checking if something could be made better by using Leichte Sprache, I tend to also be quite enthusiastic about accessibility in general.